New Data Shows Why Negative TV Ads Against Trump Aren’t Really Working

Does “Trump phenomenon” mean TV advertising is losing its grip in presidential race?

CBS News reports:

Donald Trump seems impervious to negative TV ads, and he gets a mother lode of news media attention for free. His rivals and their allies vastly outspend him on televised spots, with little to show for it other than a sad withdrawal speech. Does the Trump phenomenon mean TV advertising is losing its grip in the presidential race?

Certainly, Trump and the passions he has aroused are reshaping the political landscape, and campaign advertising along with it. He has 7.4 million Twitter followers, which earn him enormous public notice, and he went for months without running a single TV commercial.

So, a second question arises: Is Trump a harbinger of a permanent change in how candidates reach the public, or a temporary aberration?

Regardless of Trump, the trend is away from traditional media. While TV ads remain a strong presence on the campaign scene, their power is slowly receding. “The effectiveness of TV is starting to be questioned,” said Kip Cassino, executive vice-president for research at Borrell Associates, a media consulting firm.

Right now, the shift in ad spending seems small, although the direction is clear. Borrell projects that digital will take up one-tenth of overall political ad expenditures this election cycle, up from a pittance in 2008 (the presidential race gets about 40 percent of the estimated $11 billion paid-media total this year). But come the 2020 election season, digital will triple its share, the firm said.

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