New Map Shows Donald Trump Has Better Chance of Being Elected President Than Ted Cruz

An electoral map produced by The Washington Post shows Donald Trump has the best chance of beating the Democrats than Ted Cruz.

Marion Lee said: Prayers for Donald Trump. America needs him so much to be our next President. He is not part of the Washington Cartel & Establishment & GOP. Trump will make a great President & protect America.

Here’s what a best-case Trump scenario map could look like:


That map gets Trump to 285 electoral votes and assumes he loses all of the southwestern states — with the exception of Arizona — due to his rhetoric and incredibly poor numbers in the Hispanic community.

Which map — the Cruz one or the Trump one — seems more plausible to you? For me, the Trump map (wins in the upper Midwest + Florida) seems more likely than Cruz’s patchwork of wins in all four regions of the country. Trump’s message of economic populism should — or at least could — sell better than Cruz’s rock-ribbed conservatism outside of the solidly Republican South and plains states.

Establishment Republicans seem to have convinced themselves that nominating Cruz will avert a certain electoral disaster. It might in that Cruz would run a more traditional campaign on a more traditional electoral playing field that would likely endanger fewer downballot Republicans. But the idea that Cruz is more likely to get elected president than Trump is a far iffier proposition.

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