New Poll: Republicans Are Increasingly Positive About Donald Trump

A Gallup tracking poll is showing that Republican voters are beginning to warm up to Donald Trump as their presumptive nominee, despite the trepidation of party big-wigs like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and former Governor Mitt Romney. Gallup poll indicates that party members view Trump more favorably than they have at any period during the primary.

Gallup writes:

[R]ank-and-file Republicans have become more positive about the billionaire businessman. Over the last seven days, Trump’s favorable rating among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents has reached 66%, the highest since Gallup began tracking him nine months ago. His unfavorable rating is at 30%.

However, the poll also shows that Trump has some ground to gain. The New York billionaire is seen more negatively than the last three Republican nominees at the same period.

Gallup reports:

Trump’s image among Republicans, however, is still significantly more negative than that of the last three Republican nominees at about this point in their presidential campaigns. Mitt Romney, John McCain and George W. Bush had coalesced their party’s support into a more universally positive image by May or early June of 2012, 2008 and 2000, respectively, with favorable ratings in the 80% range and low unfavorable ratings.

The fact that he is seen less favorably than previous candidates at this point is partly a product of the fact that Trump had a primary battle that persisted much longer than McCain, or Bush’s.

Trump’s position in Gallup’s tracking poll is just the latest sign that Republicans are coalescing around the presumptive nominee.

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