New Poll Shows What America REALLY Thinks About Trump’s Foreign Policy

Billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has outlined his foreign policy views recently, and they are about what you would expect from someone who promises to “make America great again.”

The Trump foreign policy is largely centered on the ideal of putting “America First,” that is, placing the security and prosperity of America, American citizens, and American interests above all else, even our friends and allies.

While Trump’s policy has been widely dismissed and denounced by globalist progressives and their allies in the political punditry class — where it’s called “isolationist” and a danger to the greater global order — that view is not shared by most Americans.

In a new poll from Rasmussen, it has been revealed that roughly 60 percent of the American people support the “America First” ideal championed by Trump, that is, to place American interests ahead of all others, a sentiment shared more widely than the media would rather you know.

The poll asked voters for their response to the statement: “No country has ever prospered that failed to put its own interests first. Both our friends and enemies put their countries above ours and we, while being fair to them, must do the same.”

It also asked, “Has U.S. foreign policy in recent years put America first, or has it been more interested in the rights of those in other countries?”

Based on the fact that about 60 percent of those polled support Trump’s idea, it is a safe assumption that the respondents agree that America should place its own interests first, and that we have indeed been placing the wants and needs of other countries ahead of our own for far too long.

The liberal media and establishment GOP, both of whom enjoy the current status quo and globalist policies, don’t want to put American interests ahead of the rest of the world, as they see nothing special about America and would prefer it simply get in line on a level with everyone else.

Donald Trump sees things differently though, and deems America an exceptional country that towers above all others, and his foreign policy will be based on that vision of American exceptionalism, a notion that a significant number of Americans find themselves in full agreement with.

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