New York Values: New polls show Trump gets all 95 Delegates, if Cruz gets 0 his campaign ends

Ted Cruz has been facing an uphill battle, and if he fails to get a single delegate from New York, his campaign will come to an end.

New York Republican Presidential Primary
  • Trump54
  • Kasich19
  • Cruz21
Trump +33
Gateway Pundit:

After New York State GOP Primary

Delegate Count 4-10 w NY(Chart by Joe Hoft)

Cruz Exit Strategy 

After the New York primary, based on today’s numbers and polling data, Trump will have a nearly 5 to 1 ratio over Cruz in primaries. Trump will have 150% of the number of delegates as Ted Cruz.  He will have amassed nearly 150% of the number of votes as Cruz.

With the following week having primaries in five more East Coast states, it will be time for Cruz to begin his exit strategy. Cruz will be unable to win the Republican nomination outright after April 26th.  He will need more delegates than are available and Trump will have a nearly 6 to 1 ratio over Cruz in primaries.  Trump also will have won more than half of the 50 state’s contests and nearly two and a half times that of Cruz.

The longer Cruz hangs on after the April primaries the more dissatisfied Republican voters will be with Cruz.  Calls will come for Cruz to resign and the voters will show their disgust.  Cruz’s strategy of taking the election from a popular candidate, who will have won nearly six times the number of primaries as he, will become unreasonable and classless.

If Cruz (or anyone else for that matter) were to take the election from Trump at a convention it will be impossible for Cruz to sway the votes of people in his own party, yet alone Independents and Democrats, after having stolen the election in such a circus. The attacks on Cruz by the media will replicate those of Trump attackers and the election will fall to either Sanders or Clinton.

Smart conservative Cruz backers like Mark Levin are hopefully beginning to realize that for the good of the party and the country, and to win the overall election, the best thing Cruz can do is step out of the race and be a graceful supporter of the eventual Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

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