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Just look back on the past few weeks even years, and see what our country has become, we have lawless people denying “we the people” and Mr.Trump our “freedom of speech”

They have crashed his events, they have blocked our freeways and our roads disrupting our daily lives. They have done physical violence towards our police officers and Trump supporters, the leftwings have blocked roads so that our ambulances cannot get through to take the sick,injured, or near death to the hospital.

Our corrupted politicians like cruz are not doing a damn thing to stem this violence and behavior towards the same party but only condoning it.

Trump is the only one who always includes “US” in his speeches. He’s the only one who stands up for the “US” the “little guy” , he’s the only one who is self-funding his own campaign and cannot be “bought” unlike the rest of these “prostitutes” flashing their goods ideas/goods towards the john/lobbyists and special interests groups .. being a “free man” in politics is only dangerous to the ones who cant buy/own you! A “free man” is only beholden to “us” “we the people”..

Now look at your children long and hard then ask yourselves “if i choose the wrong candidate will i be willing to place a lifetime burden onto my children? of being sadden from economic depression while living in a unsafe country like others countries “influencing democracy in exchange for “unknown terrorism”, or will you be willing to give Mr.Trump a chance?

Donald j. Trump, someone who has business savvy, someone who has employed and lead thousands of all different nationalities, someone who has placed himself and his family in jeopardy just to make our country better for us all, someone who highly respects our constitutional rights, law enforcement and our military (unlike bernie and killary”

Remember folks, we are in this together, All for One and One for All!

If we don’t get it right this time around we may never have another chance like this, EVER!

This country is slowly but surely being stripped of our freedoms thanks to these leftwing liberals and leftwing immigrants ,

Us Christians we get demonized for saying Merry Christmas, for praying in schools, for having the Ten Commandments in certain court houses. we get demonized for having crosses up to honor our dead soldiers, demonized for flying our heritage flags on our own property , the right to protect our families by bearing arms (second amendment), having “god” in our pledge of allegiance anthem, etc…the list goes on!!

we have violent protesters and illegals with more “Rights” than we do and I’m outraged! its BULLSHIT!

iIf Cruz, Kaisch, Hillary, or Bernie get into office you can expect more of the same. The “good ol boys club” will screw us every which way but loose…like they have been doing for years!

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