Newt Gingrich Goes For Hillary’s Jugular: ‘Hillary Is Obama Plus …’

Few people in American politics understand the corruption that surrounds Hillary Clinton better than Newt Gingrich.

And the former U.S. House speaker — who’s been tangling with the Clintons for more than 20 years — sees the upcoming election as more than a referendum on the relative honesty of Donald Trump or a woman with a demonstrated record of lying repeatedly to the American public.

In an interview this week with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Gingrich said there’s something even bigger at stake — something that could well reshape American politics for generations.

Midway through a wide-ranging interview between the show host and the former Georgia representative, Hannity noted that Trump’s recent attacks on the pro-Hillary mainstream media have been getting traction among American voters.

“It seems like, when he said the media’s scum and liars, that’s resonating,” Hannity said.

Citing his own experience as a GOP presidential contender in 2012, when he frequently butted heads with liberal commentators in national debates, Gingrich agreed.

“The country will side with the candidate against the media almost every time,” he said.

But there’s something more at play this year too — and it’s called Donald Trump, said the ex-congressman whose name has been floated as a possible number-two on a Trump ticket.

Check out the interview here.

“Donald Trump is the first genuine outsider in my lifetime to take on the entire national establishment of both the Republican and Democratic parties, and what seems obvious is that it’s a huge establishment,” Gingrich told Hannity.

“By the way, it’s a corrupt establishment.

“Over and over again, you find that Hillary is at the center of a cesspool of corruption which runs through the Clinton Foundation to the State Department, to the campaign machine, on a way that, frankly, in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, is sickening. It is everything we had an American Revolution to get rid of.”

And that brings up the big question posed by election 2016, Gingrich observed.

“Are we now so used to corruption, so used to dishonesty, so used to everything that goes on, that none of it matters anymore?” he asked.

If that’s the case, the litany of lies pushed on the country during the Obama Era, from “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” to the Iran nuclear deal and “hands up, don’t shoot” myth behind the Black Lives Matter movement are a big part of it.

And a Hillary Clinton who’s promising to continue the Obama administration’s sorry policies — if not move them even farther left because of her pandering to Bernie Sanders supporters — is only going to make it worse.

Gingrich put it succinctly:

“Hillary is Obama plus corruption.”

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