Newt Gingrich : GOP Establishment Is Terrified

Sharon Adt said: It is not the first time he has been totally honest and I feel very sure it will not be the last! We the people over 40 know you, respect you and know that you like Donald Trump can never be bought!! Thank you! Simply and sincerely, Thank you Sir!

Gaby Besecker said: Mr. Gingrich. You are a real patriot and tell like it is !! Tank you for being in our side,I hope the people are listening to you, because we won’t give up. We will vote for Donald Trump!!!

Dave Smith said I like mr. Gingrich because he came up with welfare reform and it wasn’t crazy It protected the disabled and elderly people while weaning off the freeloaders and he worked with Bill Clinton on welfare reform and kept our country from defaulting in 1996 and he called Paul Ryan out by saying right-wing engineering is just as bad as left-wing engineering when Paul Ryan wanted to turn Medicare over to a voucher system he’s like Trump trump doesn’t want to turn Medicare over to a voucher system and I am glad he’s standing up for Trump.

Newt Gingrich on Donald Trump run for POTUS: and who is terrified, should he get the nominations.

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