Newt Gingrich Has Seen Enough, Just Dropped ‘Berserk’ Trump Bomb On Romney’s Head

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who Republican president candidate Donald Trump has said is on his vice presidential short list, Monday derided Mitt Romney’s efforts to stop Trump.

“It’s pathetic. … I don’t know what happened to Mitt, but it is weird; it is bizarre,” he told The Wall Street Journal. “Having a guy like that go berserk in public makes you wonder what his problems are.”

In March, the former Massachusetts governor launched a blistering attack on Trump, calling him a “phony” and a “fraud.” The speech added momentum to the #NeverTrump movement — Republicans and conservatives who say they will never support the billionaire’s candidacy.

Since Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee after the Indiana primary, Romney reportedly has been at the center of GOP figures who are trying to find someone to run as a third-party or independent candidate, but those efforts have not come to fruition. Romney, the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee, has said he will not run.

Gingrich on Monday said that Romney’s efforts produced little more than noise, calling them “not particularly effective … Objectively it has not hurt Trump, who I suspect by the way will carry Utah.” Utah is Romney’s home state.

During his interview, Gingrich was asked how he would advise Trump on changing his campaign style.

“It’s like going to Sam Walton and saying, ‘Hi, I’ve got these great retailing ideas. Why don’t you do small boutiques and only sell high end products,’” Gingrich said, referencing the founder of Walmart.

The former speaker dismissed concerns that Trump does not hew to the GOP orthodox line on issues including taxes and the minimum wage.

“His potential for tearing apart the left is vastly greater even than [Ronald] Reagan’s,” Gingrich said. “He’s willing to be politically incorrect.”

Gingrich has noted that although Trump may be unorthodox, so is American politics.

“This is a country that elected a peanut farmer to the presidency,” he said. “This is a country that elected an actor who made two movies with a chimpanzee to the presidency. Donald Trump is a great showman; he’s also a great businessman. I think one of the differences between my party and the other party is we actually go to people who know how to create jobs. We need to be open to new ways of doing things.”

h/t: The Hill

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