Newt Gingrich Just Responded To Being Trump’s VP Pick With 10 Words That Have People Talking

As America prepares for what Newt Gingrich called “the loudest, most contentious, most unavoidable and, in some ways, most intriguing election in modern history,” the former House Speaker is intrigued by the opportunity to have a role in it.

On Friday, Gingrich — mentioned by Newsmax as the leading choice for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s running mate — told Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, that “you have to look at it very seriously, of course.”

Gingrich was less serious when interviewed on the subject Thursday by the Chicago Tribune.

“Why would I want to say ‘no’ to the circus? I like circuses,” he told the newspaper.

“I regard Donald as an old friend,” Gingrich told O’Reilly, noting that he and his wife, Callista, “have regularly talked with him for the last five or six years during the campaign occasionally. I do more of it by email than I do phone. We have communicated on a routine basis with the campaign and with Trump and his family.”

Trump has said he wants his vice president to have political experience to help get legislation passed in Congress.

“He has been very clear that he wants an insider because he understands that while he has done an amazing job arousing the country, building a real movement, to get things done in Washington — as he proved in the visit yesterday — you have got to sit down and talk to the legislators,” Gingrich said.

In his interview with the Chicago Tribune, Gingrich said Trump’s use of social media gives his campaign an extra dimension lacking in past GOP campaigns.

“This is a culture in which, if one person is really boring and the other person is really amusing, the amusing person gains ground,” he said. GOP nominees Sen. John McCain,  R-Ariz., and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “were stiff. They weren’t fun. There was no joy” in comparison to Obama, Gingrich said.

h/t: Newsmax

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