Newt Gingrich Just RIPPED APART Every LIE Hillary Clinton Told Veterans Last Night

When Hillary Clinton took the stage at the Commander-in-Chief forum, where she would speak in front of concerned veterans, we all knew that nothing she said would be the truth. She was grilled by vets old and new, and did her best to spin their questions and comments into whatever political nonsense she’s peddling nowadays.

But her best wasn’t good enough, because shortly after her talk, one of our favorite political commentators and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich absolutely DECIMATED every dirty lie Hillary uttered on that stage on a Fox News segment.

As always, Newt gives the sort of light-hearted insight that you’d expect, with some quick-witted barbs that strike fear in the heart of any Hillary supporter. She’s on the ropes, and everyone knows it. Here’s the entire exchange:

Amen, Mr. Gingrich. Amen. I can’t wait until November, where no one will ever have to hear about Hillary Clinton again.


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