Newt Gives Trump Some Advice About His First Day In Office… And It’s Going Viral

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has some stellar advice for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump regarding his first day in office:

Get ready to say, “You’re fired!”

“The first thing (Trump and Congress) have to do to be successful is pass a law allowing them to fire incompetent bureaucrats,” Gingrich explained during an interview Tuesday with The Daily Caller.

“Just take a look at the Veterans Administration,” he continued. “You cannot manage the Veterans Administration until you can manage the people who are there.”

And managing the flunkies who run the Veterans Administration means sending them packing, because their performance thus far has been atrocious.

Gingrich, whose name is reportedly being floated as a possible vice presidential nominee for Trump, also pointed to the gross negligence of VA unions. One such union in Puerto Rico got a VA employee rehired after she confessed to armed robbery, he said, on the basis that two of her hospital’s top managers were a convicted sex offender and a former drug addict.

“So instead of saying all three should be gone, the union’s position was, ‘They’re both criminals. (She) should be re-hired too,’” Gingrich fumed.

Moreover, this type of corruption occurs “all the time,” Gingrich maintained, adding that “there are thousands of places like that filled with arrogant bureaucrats seeking to impose their values on the country.”

Trump has already gotten plenty of advice, of course, but the former speaker’s advice is some of the best — and explains why so many have thought Trump ought to choose him to be his vice president. But would Gingrich accept the role?

“It’s all up to Donald Trump,” he replied when asked about being tapped to be the nominee’s running mate. “It’s the first really big decision he’ll make, and I’m sure he’ll be thinking about it very carefully and looking at a number of options.”

That sounded like a resounding yes — namely a yes for America and a “you’re fired” for the nation’s many “incompetent bureaucrats,” who had better be scared, because a Trump-Gingrich ticket would be the beginning of the end for them and their corrupt ways.

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