NFL Dad Finds Daughter’s “Participation Ribbon”… His Next Move Shocks Teachers

For many years, liberals have been trying their best to destroy America’s competitive spirit by making sure that no student in school feels left out and everyone is considered a winner — even if they aren’t one.

But when Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams’ daughter came home from school one day with a “participation” ribbon, he wanted to make sure she took the right lesson away from it.

William’s daughter had failed to place in the school’s “field day” event, but the administration at the school apparently didn’t want her to feel left out — so they gave her a worthless ribbon to celebrate her failure.

Williams was none to pleased about this, so he promptly took the ribbon away from his daughter and returned it to the school. Then, something incredible happened.

His daughter placed first at the next field day event.

Looks like coddling children isn’t the best way to make them winners. Instead of teaching our kids that no matter what you do in life you will be a winner, we should be teaching them to work hard in order to win.

America never got anywhere by giving out participation ribbons. We have led the world for years by fostering a competitive environment that drives people to be the best that they can be.

Teaching kids from an early age that success is earned, not given, can help them become successful adults who understand that the cost of not doing well is failure.

No one wants to be a failure, a lesson we all learned very well in elementary school. If kids grow up believing that there are no failures, the results are a bunch of Bernie Sanders supporters who seem to think they are entitled to everything.

America needs to reverse course now and start teaching kids that hard work pays off. If we don’t, we may lose this country forever.

H/T TheBlaze

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