NFL Players Come Up with EPIC Way to Shame Nat’l Anthem Sitters, Will Do This on 9/11

So, now we know a LOT of NFL players plan on making some sort of protest during tomorrow’s games, but now the other side of the coin has been heard from, and I like what I am hearing!

Two members of the New York Giants (Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham), who will be playing my Dallas Cowboys by the way, will be wearing American flag shoes and gloves during the game!

All I can say is that I hope anyone not protesting the anthem at the games tomorrow will follow suit and represent our country proudly like Beckham and Cruz will be doing.

Even though I am a Cowboys fan and will actually be at the game, I have to admit, if these players are close enough to see and hear me tomorrow, I will definitely give them a thumbs up and thank you for showing respect for our country.

Tomorrow is going to be an emotional day for a lot of players and fans.

In Dallas, former President Bush will actually be doing the coin toss.

Imagine, all that patriotism in the air, and the sitting President at the time of the attacks will actually be on the field for the opening ceremonies.

Regardless of how anyone feels about Bush, you have to admit this is going to be a pretty incredible moment.

And then seeing those players with that patriotic gear on the field, at least the Cowboys game will be something special.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the fans at the Seahawks game because the players are going to ruin what in essence has become a National Memorial Day.

As everyone else bows their heads in remembrance, sadly, many NFL players will be on their knees insulting the country and their fan base.

At least some of them have common sense!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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