Nigel Farage: Trump better for UK than Obama

A leading figure in Britain’s push to exit the European Union says Donald Trump would benefit his country more than President Obama. “I think for the United Kingdom, Trump will be better for us than Barack Obama’s been, of that there’s no doubt,” Nigel Farage told CNN.

“Donald Trump dares to talk about things that other people want to brush under the carpet,” the United Kingdom Independence Party head added.Farage said the challenges he is tackling in Britain share little in common with the ones Trump faces in the U.S., however. “My problem, in politics, is far greater than Donald Trump’s,” he said of the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee. “We literally have lost our sovereignty, lost our borders, lost our ability to regulate.

The problem you’ve got in the U.S. is illegal immigration. Our problem is legal immigration to half a billion people.” Farage added that he dislikes how beholden Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is to the political establishment. The cool things about these words from Nigel Farage is that he directed them right at the Clinton News Network with no worries.

Nigel Farage one of the leading proponents behind Brexit which dealt a deathblow to the globalist EU, should only remind America that a decision for Trump will not only make America better but could also make the world better. These words coming from a leading man of the Brexit campaign should only prove to us more that Trump also wants the destruction of world order.

Just like people in the UK voted for their independence from globalist, it is now our turn America to get rid of UN policies of the far left and get back to making America, America again. Nigel Farage thank you for the kind words and reminding all of America Trump is our best choice at defeating globalism.

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