Nine-Year-Old Kid DESTROYS Hillary Clinton: Her ‘Words Are Lies’

Hillary Clinton, to any thinking person, is an affront to the political process, as all she does is lie through her teeth every chance she gets.

The American people know it, and so do America’s children, apparently – because they just obliterated Hillary on such a basic level that I’m not sure she’ll have any support left at all.

According to HeatST,

Hillary Clinton is a liar who will blindly lead the country into war, a nine-year-old kid named Rohn told New York magazine in an explosive interview.

The magazine conducted dozens of interview with children across the country in order to gauge their opinions of the 2016 presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Rohn, a student at the Hebrew Language Academy in Mill Basin, N.Y., tore into the former secretary of state.


Another youngster, six-year-old Gabe from Grand Ridge Elementary School in Issaquah, Wash., agreed that Hillary is “kind of a liar” who lies about lying.

“When she said ‘I believe I’ve never lied’ she said that once, that was a lie,” Gabe said. Ouch.

America’s children have spoken – perhaps they all saw this video that exposes her for the lying shrew she truly is:

I cannot wait until we’re finally rid of her in November!


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