NO MORE NEW YORK TIMES! What Trump Did Today Will DESTROY Them Forever…

The New York Times released their ‘October Surprise’ last night to try and take down Donald Trump. Trump has never been accused of groping in his life but is now being accused on video by a woman named Jessica Leeds, who claims that Trump groped her on an airplane flight.

Here is the video that they released today.

The Trump legal team has now sent a cease and desist letter to the New York Times and is going after them hard!

Here is what Trump has to say about it specifically.

Trump is demanding a full retraction of the libelous hit piece and has sent a cease and desist letter to the New York Times on Wednesday.

*** That’s because it is totally fake!

Trump is demanding an apology for the fake story.


The mainstream media is getting desperate because they have not been able to take Trump down. They are getting super desperate. Take a look at this evidence below that these fake stories are being taken from another famous sexual assault case.


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*** If the lyin’ New York Times wants a war, we’ll give them a war!

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