No-Nonsense Sheriff Takes MASSIVE Stand For 2nd Amendment… “Don’t Be Victims…”

Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeu has been one of the most vocal supporters of the Second Amendment in all of American law enforcement. Now, in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, the Southwestern lawman has urged his residents to get armed and trained in how to take down bad guys.

Babeu made the remarks during a Friday appearance on Fox News’ “Your World.” Responding to another Islamic State group attack in Bangladesh, he told guest host Sandra Smith that crime had demonstrably gone down in areas with open carry and concealed carry and that citizens could not count on cops to be on every street corner to thwart attacks.

“I’ve said to citizens in my county ‘Don’t be victims,’” Babeu said. “Get training, protect yourself, protect your family because there is not a cop on every street corner and every restaurant.”

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