NO SHAME: What Sarah Palin Just TOLD Obama Got Her BANNED From Facebook!!

Sarah Palin got a 30-day Facebook ban for telling the truth about Obama and his thug BLM friends, Black Lives Matter. This happened over the weekend when the former Fox News talking head DEMANDED her fans to stop calling these radicals in BLM “protestors and people.” She said that we should start calling them “thugs and rioters.”

*** If you remember, earlier this week Sarah Palin even called Black Lives Matter a “Farce.”

Sarah Palin says that Facebook’s move is a “clear violation of my First Amendment rights of freedom of speech,” Palin said on her daughter’s blog.

Palin said the following about BLM on Breitbart News Sunday. She says that the media “perpetuates a message that really evil people are thriving on right now,” and says that BLM “bitch-slaps Martin Luther King in the face.” And, she didn’t stop there.

“Although my voice may be temporarily squelched across our great nation especially during these times when our liberties are being tested and officially declassified by the lamestream media and its counterparties, I intend to use my rights to appeal the ban that has evidentially hit too close to home for those overly sensitive and politically correct cowards who have taken it upon themselves to infringe against me, which is only one of the unique violations that Donald Trump has vowed to deter after taking our country back again in order to make America great again.”

The ban will be lifted. As conservatives on Facebook, we all know how often these bans occur. Have you ever been in Facebook jail? If so, tell us in the comments what got landed you there.


Facebook will now further ban Sarah Palin and monitor her posts. That’s why I want all of you to share this article right now. Share it with 3 friends. Facebook is banning our first amendment right. Go make sure that you share what Sarah Palin posts.

We will not be silenced. Share this everywhere if you agree!! This is OUR America. We all have to live here and BLM needs to hear our voice. (h/t National Report)

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