Millions of Americans are convinced that Hillary Clinton is gravely ill and lying about her health, while the liberal media does everything it can to cover for her and lie about anyone who asks questions.

She has coughing fits, can barely stand without help, and has seemingly had seizures in public.

Now, Barack Obama’s own personal physician has terrible news for Hillary and her brain-dead fans. This is incredible!

Via The Hill:

President Obama’s former physician said that he believes Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton should have a neurological examination due to her history of brain injury.

During an interview on CNN, Dr. David Scheiner argued that Clinton’s note from her doctor isn’t enough. The letter details that Clinton had follow-up testing in 2013 that showed a full recovery from a concussion and that she tested negative for clotting disorders.

“I think she should have had a neurological examination, a thorough neurological examination in 2016,” Scheiner said Tuesday night. “We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability.

This is obvious, and it has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton personally. The Presidency is far too important to entrust to someone who may have serious brain damage or neurological issues.

The president is responsible for long-term strategic thinking and split-second decisions that involve nuclear weapons. The American people deserve to know if they are electing someone who is incapable of taking on those tasks.

Obama’s physician deserves our thanks for taking a huge risk to tell the truth!

And we should ignore loony liberals who want to hide the truth:

What do you think? Is Hillary sick? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: The Political Insider

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