Now The Presumptive Nominee, Trump Just Dropped A BIG Hint About Who His VP Will Be

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump knows what he needs to govern the nation — a vice president who can complement Trump’s business acumen with the political skills to get things done in Washington.

Tuesday, Trump outlined the kind of person he will be seeking.

“I don’t want to name anybody — what I would most likely be looking at, and I feel like I’d be going a little bit in reverse, in other words, I’d be going for a political person. Because I don’t need a business person, I need a political person. Somebody that can deal with the hill, that can deal with Congress and get things done, get things passed, et cetera, et cetera,” he said in an interview with Breitbart News.

Trump, speaking before Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, said that picking his running mate would come second to wrapping up his campaign to secure the GOP nomination.

“I want to close out before I do that,” Trump said when asked about selecting his running mate. “(O)nce I close this out, that will be a very pleasant process. We have many great people who would do wonderful.”

One possible name to fill the qualifications Trump has set is GOP presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who so far has ruled out being anyone’s running mate. Months ago, Myra Adams explored the possibility of a Trump-Kasich ticket while writing for the National Review.

“Kasich does not scare independents, moderates, or conservative Democrats. His decades of congressional and gubernatorial experience could help shepherd Trump’s agenda through Congress. Kasich is a safe, familiar face to Republicans after years of hosting his own show on the Fox News Channel, and now through his presidential candidacy. Kasich could help make Trump’s nomination more palatable to nervous Republican leaders and ‘the establishment,’” she wrote.

Tuesday night, Trump was more focused on likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton than anyone else.

“The real enemy is Hillary Clinton and four more years of essentially Obama,” Trump said. “The country cannot take it. Our country is not going to be able to survive four more years of incompetence and bad decision-making. As Bernie Sanders says loud and clear, Hillary Clinton suffers from bad judgment.”

“I’m going to bring jobs back to America and Hillary has no clue as to jobs,” Trump said. “In fact, NAFTA, which was signed by her husband, is the worst economic development deal ever signed in the history of our country — trade deal, I guess you’d call it. The worst trade deal ever signed in the history of our country. It’s cleaned out vast portions of our manufacturing businesses and more.”

“So she can’t beat me on jobs and the economy. She can’t beat me on the border, she can’t come close on the border. She can’t beat me on the military,” Trump said.

h/t: Breitbart

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