NRA Reporter Utterly DESTROYS Obama With 1 Amazing Tweet After Secret Service Shooting

At a security checkpoint a block west of the White House, uniformed secret service agents gunned down a man brandishing a firearm. That man was reportedly in the hospital in critical condition.

Although President Barack Obama wasn’t at the White House at that particular time yesterday (he was out golfing, if that surprises you), Vice President Joe Biden was rushed to a secure location.

The lockdown ended at 4 p.m., and after the incident, NRA commentator Colion Noir left a tweet that had gun advocates cheering.

It’s a fantastic point: The president and vice president’s safety was assured — as well it should have been, with someone behaving in a threatening manner on their doorstep — by men legally carrying guns:

So why does Obama agitate for others to drop their means of protection?

It could be argued that yes, President Obama and Vice President Biden relied on law enforcement to ensure their safety, trusting their lives to the authorities.

However, everyday Americans don’t have the luxury of full-time bodyguards surrounding their property. Their best first line of defense is themselves.

Check out this U.K. Daily Mail video of the lockdown footage below:

Fortunately, anti-gunner bills are failing as a national trend. With the exception of the “gunpocalypse” of the Social Republic of California, we are seeing a return of constitutional rights and freedoms that haven’t been seen in years.

Hopefully this fall we’ll see the return of a Republican-run White House, and the NRA-endorsed Donald Trump can assure us the gun rights he has sworn to protect.

Then perhaps we can all start to feel as safe as Obama and Biden do in the White House.


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