NWO Soros – To Save EU Must Destroy Europe, Western Civilization, US

George Soros is one of the individuals most responsible for Europe, followed by Canada and soon the United States being overrun by unknown Islamists through his personal efforts, politicking and strategic bits of financing. He’s now gone on the record as stating that there is a necessary financial commitment on the part of the EU member nations as well as an agreement to allow up to 500,000 Islamists per year, with all of their negatives, to occupy territory within the various member states of their choice.

Soros is going even further to state that a huge cash injection is vital in order to prevent the collapse of the EU. We can hope he’s correct in his observations and that the cash injection never comes. The EU and the upcoming usurpation of the American government under its equivalent tie, TPP are disasters. Europe is a much better place as a continent than it is as a country.

Soros stated that the EU must spend $34 billion and accept 500,000 “migrants” every year in order to avoid “the EU being torn apart by the refugee crisis.”

There’s another way that the refugee crisis can be avoided, by meeting an invasion force with force. Whether by gunboats, a blockade or whatever is needed to turn the invader smuggler boats around it must be done. Soros and his comrades are counting on the passive nature of the Europeans as their Achilles heel through which to conduct their invasion. Surprise them, Europe, show some spine.

The UN globalists love to talk about “sustainability,” using it as a tool in their destruction of the civilized world. They need to be told, unequivocally, that paying them their extortion through Turkey or any other corrupt government Soros and his EU partners are in league with is not sustainable and it’s not going to happen.

Sinking a couple of ships would be all it takes to keep those “refugees” from attempting to muscle their way into any European nation. Suddenly the issue of paying Soros extortion would become moot. The bleeding heart liberals can calm themselves; the passengers wouldn’t need to go down with the ship. They could be allowed to transfer onto military vessels, to be repatriated by whatever means necessary. The ship owners engaging in human trafficking, after having been forewarned and, choosing to continue in their subterfuge, would rightly have their vessels either confiscated or sunk. Almost immediately those not wishing to lose their boats would find a more legitimate commodity for their commerce.

Soros claims the cash injection is necessary to stop the “real threat” of the collapse of the Schengen open borders system of 26 European nations. It’s not a threat; its demise would be a blessing. Let it die, it’s at the heart of the problem of the EU. If border restrictions were in place on the nations of entry, with nowhere for them to send their “refugees”, forcing them to be the sole owner of their own reckless immigration policies, the importation would end immediately.

The only reason Soros and his cronies are able to Islamify Europe is because of the existence of the Schengen agreement.  Once it and the EU cease to exist, the problems of new invaders will as well. They must figure out what to do with the invaders who are already there, but at least the problem isn’t getting any bigger.

Soros continued his ongoing PR campaign to press the narrative of the inevitability of the invasion and the argument that handwringing of one sort or another, combined with the payment of extortion, are the only solutions. It appeared in an essay he wrote for The New York Review of Books.

Ignoring the reality that most of the “refugees” are not Syrian, are not fleeing any conflict and are in fact economic migrants rather than war refugees, Soros tells his contradictory lies to the European and American peoples. He wrote, “Thirty billion might sound like an enormous sum, but it is not when viewed in proper perspective. First, we must recognize that a failure to provide the necessary funds would cost the EU even more.”

He doesn’t bother to enlighten his readers as to how but it’s difficult to imagine a manner in which the expense of repatriation, say it was $30 billion the first year and nothing the second year because the invaders had all been repatriated would be more expensive than a plan which cost $30 billion in extortion the first year and another $30 billion extortion payment every year thereafter.

He used the buzzword of “surge” funding as a response to the “most dangerous of consequences.” He wrote, “EU leaders need to embrace the idea that effectively addressing the crisis will require “surge” funding, rather than scraping together insufficient funds year after year. Spending a large amount at the outset would allow the EU to respond more effectively to some of the most dangerous consequences of the refugee crisis.”

If these are such great people, one might ask, why is Soros describing them in such ominous terms? Is the danger he’s talking about the inevitable terrorists attack? Is it incumbent upon the Europeans to not only give them their existence but to pay immediate and continuous bribes in an attempt to purchase their safety?

The current system that has been worked out is a farce which will be short-lived, admitting one refugee directly from Turkey in exchange for each one that Turkey accepts being repatriated. All that does is change the look of the passport and the location of their home mosque. The problems still exist.

Soros noted that the European Financial Stabilization Mechanism (EFSF) and the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility contain £47billion of unused funding. Why not throw it away bringing in a bunch of malcontent third world non-assimilating savages?

He said, “Throughout history, governments have issued bonds in response to national emergencies. That is the case in Europe today. When should the triple-A credit of the EU be mobilized if not at a moment when the European Union is in mortal danger?” Or when there’s a deliberately created crisis to exploit and international “relief money” to be pilfered. Save your money, Europe, let the EU die, it was a bad idea.

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