NY Times CENSORS Woman’s First-Hand Account Of Trump’s “Sexism”… Here’s Why

The liberal media attack on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has entered a new dimension of bias with The New York Times’ refusal to report the truth about an anti-Trump former employee. The race to condemn Trump as a sexist in the likely matchup between him and self-proclaimed feminist Hillary Clinton will depend on unfair media treatment of Republicans.

But this time it has been exposed by the U.K. Daily Mail.

Barbara Res, who once led construction on Trump Tower in New York City, wrote a book about her experience. In “All Alone on the 68th Floor: How One Woman Changed the Face of Construction,” Res said that Trump was “the least sexist boss I ever had.”

Those words didn’t appear in The New York Times’ hit piece on Trump that ran on May 14, however.


Trump’s response?

“I gave a woman named Barbara Res a top N.Y. construction job, when that was unheard of, and now she is nasty,” he said in a Tweet when she made headlines. “So much for a nice thank you!”

The truth, according to Trump, was that she went off to pursue law. Trump was kind enough to give her a letter of recommendation, and after finding herself unable to secure work, she came back to Trump.

“When she left, she didn’t last very long in the business,” Trump said, according to the Daily Mail. “Then she wanted to come back. And for many years there were these letters and emails and phone calls. Just more and more.”

Without Res’ book, it might have been deniable, but the clear fact is that the New York Times knew that they were publishing lies and simply didn’t care.

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