Obama Admin Explains Refusal to Light White House Blue in Honor of Slain Police

President Obama has offered kind words for the 5 officers slain in Dallas last week, but when it came to backing up those words with action, he – surprise, surprise – balked.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest was speaking with members of the press when he responded to a statement issued last Friday by Jon Adler, the president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association. Discussing the precarious situation law enforcement officers find themselves in after the Dallas shooting, Adler implored the president to send a clear, unambiguous signal of support for police by illuminating the front of the White House with the color blue, in reference to the protective “Thin Blue Line” that officers maintain between citizens and criminals.

Waiting almost a week to respond, Earnest said that the White House most emphatically would not do such a thing, claiming that Obama’s decision to have flags lowered to half staff and speak at the Dallas memorial service rendered any such act unnecessary.

Tellingly, however, the administration didn’t find such a deed unnecessary when the subject at hand was something much more controversial.

Last year when the Supreme Court ruled that states must let gay couples marry, Obama wasted no time ordering the White House be lit up like a rainbow in commemoration of the court’s decision. He didn’t care that the ruling was challenged by a significant number of Americans: he decided to use the office of the presidency to virtue signal his “tolerance” to his liberal supporters. But now that law enforcement officers are requesting that he similarly honor comrades of theirs who were killed in the line of duty, he dismisses such a display as extravagant and unwarranted:

“Today, the White House said the action wasn’t necessary, and that the president had already adequately displayed his support:

‘The president has chosen to acknowledge this loss and pay tribute to these heroes in a variety of other ways, including: ordering flags lowered to half staff, traveling to Dallas to speak at the memorial service and spending a substantial amount of time after the service visiting with the families of those who were lost.’

Following the shooting, several structures were lit in blue to honor the fallen officers. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had the Governor’s Mansion lit up:

And the Dallas skyline was shining blue:

This afternoon Obama is hosting a meeting of Black Lives Matter activists, academics, spiritual leaders, local politicians, and law enforcement to continue the discussion on how to fix the rift of trust between communities and police officers.”

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