Obama Calls Police Reps “Racist” After Being Confronted at White House

Barack Obama’s failure to close the racial divide in the United States has gone down as one of his most glaring broken promises — among many.

While he campaigned as a uniter, his presidency oversaw the most dramatic collapse in race relations in decades. Now that the tension has turned into violence, people are beginning to confront the president for his role in the collapse.

In particular, many have accused the president of being biased toward members of his own race when stories broke involving both law enforcement and African Americans.

When representatives of several police groups took this criticism straight to Obama, he responded defensively, then claimed that it was their “institutional racism” that has caused the problem, not his failed leadership.

Unsurprisingly, all of this information comes from our infamously loose-lipped vice president, Joe Biden.

Barack Obama is refusing to acknowledge his failed leadership on race in America, and now he is trying to muffle police who are calling him out.

President Barack Obama is trying to muffle politically dangerous opposition from police groups to his support for the radical and violent Black Lives Movement — but he’s also insisting to cops that their careers, colleagues and police forces are ‘institutionally racist.’

Obama met with representatives of several police groups at the White House on Monday, just one day before he attends a commemoration — and gives a speech — in Dallas for five cops who were killed by anti-white, racist African-American.

When the police groups told him that he’s not done enough to support the nation’s popular police forces, Obama quickly rejected their criticism, Vice President Joe Biden told CNN. He “talked about [his support]. He gave a list. He said, ‘I’ll be happy to send you all of these statements that I have made,” Biden said. “I don’t think that the [police groups] heard loudly and clearly, that, he in fact has, repeatedly, been supportive of the police organizations,” Biden insisted.

But Obama then told the police groups that they, their members and their police forces are part of a racist law enforcement system, Biden said.

“And he said, ‘But you also have to recognize that there is still institutional discrimination. That doesn’t just exist in policing. It exists in many other areas, hiring, housing, etc. And you’ — and so, then they started talking, and said, ‘Well, maybe we, the law enforcement organization, should reach out and say, look, we understand why you may be concerned about how we deal with you, but here’s — let’s have a conversation, tell us what it is specifically.”

Much of America believes that Barack Obama lacks respect for local law enforcement. If anything, this interaction does nothing but strengthen those beliefs. When police express concern that their men and women are dying on the streets, Obama responds by calling them racist to their face.

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