Obama Cracks Jokes And LAUGHS After The Islamic Terror Attack In Germany

Look, we all know that Obama doesn’t really care about the safety of our country, much less the safety of other nations. If he did, he wouldn’t have given Israel’s greatest enemy, Iran, hundreds of billions of dollars for nukes, he wouldn’t have advocated for open borders policies with Syrian refugees, and he wouldn’t have been completely ineffective with ISIS. That he can’t hide.

But for God’s sakes, can he just pretend like he’s not a total piece of human garbage for five freaking minutes?

In a press conference about the horrible terrorist shooting in Munich, Germany perpetrated by a cowardly German-Iranian national (surprise, surprise) in which 10 innocent people, including children, were killed in a shopping mall, Obama made a joke about himself.

He made a joke about how his daughters were going off to college and leaving their dad, with the liberal lackeys in the media laughing like a pack of rabid hyenas. He didn’t talk about how terrorism is a threat to Western civilization and that the time for diplomacy with radical Islam is over – no, the first thing out of his mouth was something about his kids, ironically enough, as the expense of people that wouldn’t be going home to theirs.

This is disgusting.

Hey, Obama, here’s a thought, how about instead of making this about you, we finally put a boot up ISIS’ backside and drop the charade. Had it taken place in America, you would have blamed guns or workplace violence, or cops. However, it’s illegal for citizens to carry guns in Germany, do they need to make them super-duper illegal?

What a buffoon. I’m glad that his party is losing voters like the plague and people are finally speaking out against this monster:

I can’t wait until 2017, when we don’t have to deal with this lying sack of crap anymore.

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