Obama DEMANDS Turkey Seal Borders For THIS Hypocritical Reason…You Won’t Believe IT!

In perhaps the biggest hypocritical move ever performed by Obama, he is calling for Turkey to seal the border and spend whatever is necessary to make it happen, but the reason may surprise you.

Obama refuses to seal United States borders, knowing full well that ISIS is infiltrating refugees and gaining unhindered entry into the United States, yet Obama is calling for Turkey to seal their borders due the risk of terrorists entering their country.

Here is what has been reported…

From Washington Times:

In extreme act of hypocrisy, Obama demands Turkey seal its border from terrorists

The Turkish southern border with Syria has been a porous sieve for ISIS terrorists to pass undeterred to and from Syria to fight and then return for medical treatment. Russia has accused Turkey of turning a blind eye to oil shipments from ISIS-controlled territory in Syria, which allows the Islamic State to fund its caliphate and terror activities.

However, in an extreme act of hypocrisy, the Obama administration has demanded Turkey spend whatever is necessary in military deployment of troops to seal the border and prevent terrorists and foreign fighters from transiting the area.

“The game has changed. Enough is enough. The border needs to be sealed,” a senior official in President Barack Obama’s administration told The Wall Street Journal, describing the tough message that Washington has sent to the Turkish government. “This is an international threat, and it’s coming out of Syria and it’s coming through Turkish territory.”

Did Obama really just say that?

I mean, come on! Americans are outraged by what is going on at our borders, yet it’s perfectly acceptable not to seal the border here. It is incomprehensible the line of logic Obama has taken on this.

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