Obama Denies Servicemen 2.1% Pay Raise

President Obama must not worry what Americans think of him anymore because he’s no longer trying to conceal his disregard for the brave men and women who keep the country safe.

Few presidents have matched Obama in his dislike of the military, a prejudice reflected in his administration’s repeated attempts to reduce it’s budget and his reluctance to deploy American forces in anything other than the most toothless way. The result of these bone-headed policies, of course, is the present chaos we see today, so although Obama won’t be around much longer to clean up the mess he made (whether he’d be inclined to or not is an entirely different story), one would think he would at least want to thank our country’s servicemen before he leaves office.

One way he could have done this was by giving them raises, something that has been on the table for some time now. In fact, a recent push for military personnel to get a 2.1% pay raise drew enough attention to earn a response from the White House: at best, they would receive a raise of 1.7%.

As a pay raise, 1.6% is not nearly enough to allow military employees to keep up with both inflation and rising civilian wages. It is, however, entirely predictable as Obama has failed to give servicemen an adequate raise for the past three years, making life even harder for soldiers and veterans than it already is:

“Chris receives 70% disability resulting from internal injuries and traumatic brain injury (TBI). His raise at 1.6%? Just $27 per month:

‘The small increases [of living expenses] have affected our family of five. Not only do we have a cost increase of daily expenses and from adding a new baby, but living expenses have outpaced the raises dramatically.

In the last year, our mortgage payment has gone up twice, totaling over $200 a month, just to keep up with our escrow. We are both working hard, more than we would like with three small kids, to survive and maintain our standard of living.’

Zach’s disability rating is 50%:

‘A 1.6% increase would add $18.18 to my monthly award. So this year I could add less than a meal per month to the table.

I try to maintain a humble heart and mind; remembering the fact that the money I receive is a gift from God. So I do what I am able to with the gift given. But my cost of living continues to increase so my ‘increase’ basically just reduces the actual ‘decrease’ in salary.’

Nathan currently has a 100% disability rating for TBI and PTSD. His raise amounts to barely over $50 monthly:”

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