Obama Gets Approval To Secure White House… Trump Has a HUGE Smile On His Face

Walls: According to liberals, they can’t protect our southern border, but they do an awfully good job of protecting everything else, including the White House.

That’s at least the message coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where the federal government just approved a new higher wall to keep fence jumpers out.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Commission of Fine Arts approved the changes after a presentation by the Secret Service and the National Park Service (two services that you generally don’t see collaborating that often).

On Thursday, after hearing the presentation, the Commission of Fine Arts approved a new 11-foot-7-inch fence surrounding the White House grounds. The present fence is 7 feet tall.

The new fence also “incorporates anti-climb and intrusion detection technology, while respecting the historical significance and visitor experience at the White House and President’s Park,” a joint statement from the Secret Service and National Park Service read.

At present, a series of temporary barriers bar the public from getting close to the current fence due to a series of scaling incidents in which people have been able to easily climb the barrier.

In 2014, one fence-jumping intruder named Omar Gonzalez even managed to make it all the way into the East Room before Secret Service agents apprehended him.

This isn’t the first time that liberals have decided undesirables can be stopped by fences. Why, just take the Democrat National Convention. To keep the Bernie Bros out, they’re building a fence around the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

That’s right: The Democrats think that it’s OK to build a fence to stop ultimate Frisbee majors at Marlboro College from scaling it in their Birkenstocks, but it’s racist to stop human traffickers, drug smugglers and possible terrorists from crossing at our southern border.

Donald Trump is smiling, because his logic has been proven right by the liberals yet again. Now, if only Obama would build that wall on the border with Mexico instead of just around the White House, things could really happen.

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