Obama Gives 1500 Islamic Terrorists Asylum in U.S.

According to Judicial Watch, “the Obama administration let 1,519 ‘inadmissible’ foreigners embroiled in terrorism into the U.S. last year. Yes, that is right. Obama invited clearly known Islamic terrorists to come to the U.S.

“Before the Obama administration tweaked a federal law last year, these foreign nationals would have been banned from the country for supporting terrorist causes,” Judicial Watch writes. “But under the changes the Secretary of Homeland Security has ‘discretionary authority’ to waive certain grounds of inadmissibility relating to terrorism.”

Data obtained from the DHS and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service reveals that more than 50 percent of those rewarded residency, most of which whom were linked to the pseudo- refugee crisis, provided material support to terrorist organizations. Yes, the Obama administration clearly knew in advance they were admitting terrorist into the country.

“The others received military-type training from a terrorist organization, voluntarily provided medical care to members of a terrorist group and solicited funds or individuals for membership in a terrorist organization,” Judicial Watch continues. “After a case-by-case review, Obama’s DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, determined that the recently admitted terrorists only participated in these activities ‘while under duress.’”

And if you believe that…

The policy of admitting known terrorists began last year after the Obama administration altered legislation, the Immigration and Nationality Act, designed to keep anyone who provided material support to terrorists from stepping on US soil.

“In other words, the federal law rightfully had a zero tolerance for any kind of involvement with terrorist elements,” adds Judicial Watch. “But a joint effort by DHS and the State Department created an ‘Exercise of Authority’ that allows ‘an alien who provided limited material support’ to a terrorist organization to stay in the U.S. if the powers that be in our government believe they pose no threat.”

Judicial Watch also links the revelation to the Obama administration’s secret terrorist “hands off” list, uncovered in DHS emails last year by a U.S. senator, which shows suspected Muslim Brotherhood members were allowed to openly travel within the US.

Source: Daily Caller

The facts and figures are contained in an annual report that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) actually sent to Congress this month. Of course no one there actually read the thing. The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained the report and published it online Tuesday.

Obama knows that these men are the most dangerous. They are classified as Tier I and Tier II organizations and include groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Yet, he brought them here anyway.

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