Obama Has Marine Kicked Out Of The Military Because He Warned Fellow Soldiers Of Terrorist Attack

The Navy upheld the decision to force a Marine Corps officer out of the service because he mishandled classified information.

The investigation on Maj. Jason Brezler began three years ago, after he sent a warning to his fellow soldiers about a corrupt Afghan police chief who’s associate later killed three Marines.

The Muslim terrorist who killed the three Marines was tried as a teenager and only received 7 years of imprisonment. He was reported to have bragged to Afghan police, saying, “I just did jihad.”

The final decision to force Maj. Brezler out of the military was made by Obama appointed Assistant Navy Secretary Juan M. Garcia.

The Washington Post reports:

The case grabbed attention in Congress and among highly decorated senior officers in the military, some of whom advocated on Brezler’s behalf to let him stay in the Marines. Other service officials maintained that retired Gen. James F. Amos, the Marine Corps’ top officer when the investigation began, and other generals involved handled the case well.

“We will now proceed to a real court and prove that Commandant Amos and his generals illegally retaliated against Major Brezler because they were more concerned with politics and their careers than the lives of their Marines and the service of a good Marine who did the right thing,” Bowe said in an e-mailed statement. “I look forward to their cross-examination.”

The decision comes as a related lawsuit filed by the family of one of the Marines killed remains pending against the service in federal court. It alleges that the service ignored Brezler’s warning that the police chief, Sarwar Jan, was corrupt and sexually abusing children, allowing for the Aug. 10, 2012, ambush in which Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley, 21; Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson, 29; and Cpl. Richard Rivera Jr., 20; were killed at Forward Operating Delhi, a Marine Corps outpost in Helmand province’s Garmsir district. A fourth Marine sustained five gunshot wounds but survived.

This is Obama’s military. Corrupt officials are more concerned with their careers than the well-being of their soldiers. Political correctness is being shoved down the throats of our servicemen and women, and the results are beginning to show.

Major Brezler mishandled classified information in order to save lives, and the government axed him. Hillary Clinton has done far worse, yet still continues as a presidential candidate. The corruption is astounding.

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