OBAMA Ignores Congress: Binds U.S. to 4-Year U.N. Deal that Next President Cannot Undo

Why has the media been almost completely silent on what happened in New York at the United Nations on Friday?

Behind closed doors, and intentionally scheduled to coincide with Earth Day on Friday, April 22, reportedly 171 nations signed on the dotted at the United Nations headquarters in New York, putting in writing their commitment to a new international treaty.

The treaty was the “Paris Agreement on Climate Change” which had been approved by 196 countries in Paris on Dec. 12, 2015, in which they pledged to work to limit the temperature rise of the world by 2 degrees Celsius. Each country must submit a proposal on how they will implement changes to limit climate change. Cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent is the goal – resulting in government regulations that will impact every industry.


President Obama wants the new agreement to take effect before he leaves office next January. A clause in the treaty means it would take four years if a new leader, less committed to climate action, wanted to take the US out of the agreement.  Other countries are watching the US election process very closely.  Mention of the name Trump has the UN members nervous, as a Republican victory could lead to America’s withdrawal of the agreement.

Hollywood actor and campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio also spoke at the ceremony

Hollywood actor and campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio also spoke at the ceremony

BBC.com reported that Hollywood actor and climate change campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio spoke at the summit: “After 21 years of debates and conferences it’s time to declare no more talks, no more 10-year studies, no more allowing the fossil fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the science and the policies that affect our future. This is the body that can do what is needed.”

Senator Mike Lee of Utah and Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania released a public letter condemning Obama for committing the U.S. to the Paris Climate Agreement without even submitting it through congress.   They said the agreement will force states to meet emission targets and its carbon reductions requirement will inflict costs on every American.

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