Obama Is FURIOUS After Donald Trump Rips Him A New One For All Of America To See

Donald Trump has never held back when it comes to telling people about his feelings towards the President. He recently talked about the decision by Obama to deploy fewer than 50 Special Ops forces onto the ground in Syria. This led to controversy after Trump made his comments.

“I think we have a president who just doesn’t know what he’s doing. You either do it or you don’t do it,” Trump said in the middle of an interview with CNN. “Fifty people. He puts 50 people.”

This choice from Obama has come despite he said two years ago that he wouldn’t “put American boots on the ground in Syria.”

The Press Secretary for the White House, Josh Earnest said that the “strategy in Syria hasn’t changed.”

“The core of our military strategy inside of Syria is to build up the capacity of local forces,” he continued. “To take the fight to ISIL on the ground in their own country…This is an intensification of a strategy that the President announced more than a year ago.”

Trump has constantly criticized Obama’s decisions when it comes to dealing with ISIS. Trump says that if he were elected, he would put troops back into Iraq but not into Syria.

He wants Russia to keep battling ISIS on the Syria front.

What are your thoughts on this?

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