Obama Just Disrespected Our Troops In The Worst Way Possible

Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has become known for taking selfies with his loyal supporters.

That’s why it was absolutely outrageous when he refused to take any selfies with our servicemen and women stationed at the U.S. Marine Corps base in Iwakuni, Japan that he recently visited.

According to reports, Obama even seemed hesitant to shake hands with the troops, but he drew the line at taking pictures with them.

“Otherwise, I’ll be here all day,” he commented. That’s not a great excuse.

These men and women go above and beyond to risk their lives for our country, and yet their Commander in Chief can’t even take the time to take a few pictures?

This is an absolute disgrace, and our soldiers deserve better. They deserve a president that loves and respects them, and is willing to give a few extra minutes of his day to show his loyalty.

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