Obama Just Gave 42 Convicted Druggies a MASSIVE Early Christmas Present

President Barack Obama just made a lot of convicted criminals happy with news that might make the rest of us a little uneasy.

On Friday, he commuted the sentences of 42 inmates serving lengthy sentences related to crack or cocaine possession and distribution. Almost half of them were serving life sentences. Most of the inmates will be released on Oct. 1, while the remaining will be freed next June.

The president has granted clemency to 348 criminals so far and has more pardoned than the seven presidents before him combined, reported The Hill.

The release was part of Obama’s clemency initiative to ease sentences against minorities whom Obama claimed had been discriminated against.

The president said he will continue to grant clemency to nonviolent offenders who meet standards set by the Justice Department during his final months.

This is the third round of pardons for drug offenders.

Most of those pardoned were not convicted of violent crimes. However, 10 of them were committed on firearms-related offenses.

Thousands of inmates have applied for relief under Obama’s initiative, which was set in motion two years ago. Some 9,000 applications were still pending.

While there has been bipartisan push for criminal justice reform, one would think that setting free criminals serving life sentences might not be the best way to do that. We already know that these “non-violent” criminals often commit additional crimes once released.

Earlier this year, one of Obama’s pardoned criminals committed murder after he was released, yet the president continues to move ahead with this dangerous legislation.

It appears in his final days, the last thing that concerns Obama is our safety. He’s doing nothing to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border in droves, he’s dumping unvetted refugees in American cities by the thousands and he’s continuing to give convicted criminals a pass.

Welcome to Obama’s America.

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