Obama Makes Huge Move to Honor Cops, Then Does the Unthinkable to Them in Public

President Barack Obama shamelessly used a White House ceremony in honor of police officers Monday to peddle his political agenda.

According to Breitbart, first he thanked the officers present for standing up to “dangerous individuals brandishing assault rifles, handguns and knives.”

That kind of sounded like a coyly delivered attack on gun rights, the notion of which he somewhat detests, in that he happens to be among those liberals who think one of America’s problems is the prevalence of “too many” guns.

A video clip from the ceremony can be seen below:

“It was your courage and quick thinking that gave us our safety,” he also said during the ceremony in which he awarded 13 police officers with the Public Safety Medal of Valor. “Although, this particular moment for which you are being honored is remarkable, we know every day you go out there, you have a tough job.”

Clearly, the president said some very nice things at the ceremony. But the point remains that he still used it to peddle his ideas — and he did so more than once.

Later in the speech, for instance, Obama reportedly urged Congress for more of his brand of criminal justice reform, which basically involves loosening sentencing laws to make it easier for criminals to get out of jail early.

Police officers likely appreciated him holding a ceremony in their honor, but they more likely wished that his actions would match his rhetoric.

Every time he makes a move to tighten guns restrictions or loosens criminal laws, he makes life harder for both America’s many law-abiding citizens and law-enforcing police officers. It is this discrepancy between his words and actions that infuriates so many cops.

And well, him using the ceremony to further push his skewed agenda probably irritated them even further.

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