Obama Makes RARE Remark About Trump… There’s Just 1 Major Problem

In what is perhaps the most apt instance ever of the old phrase “the pot calling the kettle black,” President Barack Obama took issue with the potential presidency of billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and made a rather ironic remark in the process.

Speaking in an interview with ABC News-affiliate WMUR in New Hampshire, Obama proclaimed, “I think that he is not somebody who even within the Republican Party can be considered as equipped to deal with the problems of this office, but look, we live in a democracy.”

Two things: First, we live in a constitutional representative republic that uses democratic processes, so try again Mr. “constitutional professor” President. As to Trump not being “equipped” to handle the presidency, well, it takes one to know one, as they say.

“If in fact the Republicans nominate Mr. Trump, then it’s going to be an interesting fall season,” Obama continued. “I’m confident that ultimately the Democrat in that circumstance will win.”

This isn’t the first time that Obama has taken shots at Trump, as he hit him with several jokes of varying levels of humor at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner recently, among other instances.

Nor are the criticisms, cheap shots and low blows one-sided, as Trump has lit into Obama on countless occasions over the past several years, most recently regarding his disastrous trip to Cuba.

What seems different this time around is the palpable irony of someone as ill-equipped and unready for the responsibilities of the presidency as Obama to open his mouth and accuse somebody else of the same thing.

One thing Obama was right about in his remark is that this will definitely be an interesting general election, though it may not have the outcome Obama seems so confident about.

H/T The Hill

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