Obama Now BANNING These Words That Might Hurt Muslims’ Feelings

We all know the Obama Administration isn’t capable of battling – or even saying “radical Islamic terrorism.”

That’s dangerous enough.

Now we find that the vacillating wordplay is creeping down into the institutions most charged with protecting the country.

At Homeland Security, the advisory council recommends the feds stop using terms that frame the war on terrorism as an “us versus them” battle and that they avoid using terms like “jihad,” “Shariah,” “takfir,” and “umma.” The last two terms refer to apostasy and the Muslim community, World New Daily is reporting.

Amazingly – as if it matters even a little bit – they also recommended using the term “American Muslim” instead of “Muslim American.”

They offer a bunch of wiggly reasons for this wordplay – not to offend Muslims, not to single out one religion, etcetera. But the most idiotic is their claim that they want to downplay the success of Islamic radicals’ recruitment efforts:

In warning the DHS not to use divisive, “us and them” language, the advisory council said DHS must ensure their words are “properly calibrated to diminish the recruitment efforts of extremists who argue that the West is at war with Islam.”

As former DHS officer Philip Haney writes, the terrorists could not care less what terms we use to define them.

But keeping their words “properly calibrated” is a fool’s errand, according to Haney, because Islamic jihadists don’t care about the words used to describe them. Moreover, whether or not the West is at war with Islam doesn’t matter because Islam is at war with the West.

“They have already declared war on us multiple times,” Haney reasoned. “It’s called perpetual warfare, everlasting warfare, and it will continue until the day comes when Shariah is implemented everywhere in the world. And if everybody else on the face of the Earth submitted to Shariah law except for the United States, it wouldn’t end then.

“So it is an abrogation of duties to refuse to acknowledge the nature of the threat we face.”

Still, Barack Obama wants us to believe that Muslims are no more likely to commit terrorism than anyone else. But the difference between Radical Islamic terrorism – committed by Muslims – and isolated “lone wolf” terrorist attacks committed by other groups is that they are not coordinated.

Radical Islamic terrorism is coordinated and with one goal: Destroy Western Civilization, impose shariah law and murder as many non-believers and takfiri as possible.

That makes it infinitely more dangerous.

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