Obama Public Comments More Offensive Than Trump, Media Ignored It Completely

Our current squatter in the dingy-White House had some things to say that should have been even more offensive to the sensitivities of those in possession of a highly developed liberal sense of selective outrage. For some reason, mysteriously, they were completely ignored.

Rather than being the trash talk in what was thought to be a private conversation between two guys, Hussein Obama aired his spicy diatribe in public, at an institute of liberal thinking. That’s the type of thought that is sometimes confused for intellectualism by those who practice it.

Obama demonstrated not only his lack of respect for women, but his condescension of Arabs, those who, unlike himself are not half-whites but complete 100 percent rib-eating black people, especially those unfortunate Africans still forced into a primitive life “in the jungle.”

Obama is performing some type of meaningless reading, the kind of waste of time that these liberals seem to be drawn to for some reason. It’s back maybe in 2005 or perhaps even earlier, so it’s relevance is suspect at best. It’s a time back when Obama was still a Kenyan and before he had stolen a social security number or obtained and then surrendered his law license. It was a time before he had decided to become America’s dictator.

He’s also speaking in terms about women and their genitalia that are not that different from the same ones Donald Trump was saying at roughly the same time. Somehow the words of Obama didn’t cause the earth to slip off of its axis the way the Trump comments did.

He’s reading a passage, one which thankfully, I have no idea where it came from. Obama, the great orator, stumbles through as best he can. He says, “Yeah. Another guy said, but I tell you what. You won’t see me moving to no African jungle any time soon. Or some goddamn dessert somewhere sittin on a carpet with a bunch of Arabs, no sir.”

The racist Islamophobe continued spewing his hate speech, saying, “You won’t see me stop eatin no ribs either. Gotta have them ribs. And pussy too. Don’t Malcolm talk about no pussy? Now you know that aint gonna work.”

Liberal outrage about one of their of their own just simply does not exist. But let Donald Trump be recorded in a private conversation and all hell breaks loose. The video was obviously released to coincide with the WikiLeaks documents to provide CNN and the rest of the Clinton propagandists with a tool of diversion, a way to distract the American people from the serious crimes that their candidate is guilty of.

Unfortunately for them, this bus video was the best they had and Trump isn’t going to allow them to get away with his. He’ll be coming out swinging on Sunday. He put them on notice already when delivering his apology for the remarks from more than ten years ago.

Obama didn’t say anything about fried chicken or watermelon or whether or not he carries hot sauce around in his purse. Maybe that’s another discussion for another day, perhaps before the third debate, in relation to whatever distraction the Clintons come up with then.

H/T: Rick Wells

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