Obama Says Trump Not Equipped To Be President

Trump is not equipped?    And a community organizer WAS equipped to be President?  A junior senator and young lawyer with NO business experience was equipped?  Where’s YOUR $10 billion company, Mr. Obama?  Where’s your company of ANY size?   How many thousand people had YOU employed when you were elected President?   How many budgets had you balanced? 

From ABC News.com:

President Obama says that Republican front-runner Donald Trump is not equipped to deal with the challenges of being president.  

“I think that he is not somebody who even within the Republican Party can be considered as equipped to deal with the problems of this office, but look, we live in a democracy,” President Obama said in an interview Monday with WMUR, an ABC affiliate in New Hampshire.  

If Trump does become the Republican nominee, Obama said he’s confident that the Democratic nominee will win in a general election match-up.   “If in fact the Republicans nominate Mr. Trump, then it’s going to be an interesting fall season,” he said. “I’m confident that ultimately the Democrat in that circumstance will win.”  

The president has not been shy about criticizing the Republican front-runner, most recently roasting him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night.   “They say Donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. But in fairness he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world: Miss Sweden, Miss Argentina, Miss Azerbaijan,” the president joked.  

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