Obama Snaps Photo With Communist Leader, Then People Notice What’s in Background

It’s bad enough that President Barack Obama is snapping selfies with communist leaders. Now he’s doing it with a specific one who helped kill tens of thousands of American men.

During his visit to Vietnam, Obama has been doing a lot of ill-advised apologizing for America. However, that’s not the worst thing.

Check out this picture of Obama with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang.

Yes, that’s Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese communist leader who executed the first part of the Vietnam War.

In case you’ve forgotten, tens of thousands of American men died in Vietnam, thanks in no small part to Ho Chi Minh’s brutal North Vietnamese government.

Yet, there’s smiley old President Obama, taking a picture under the bust of the man. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, you say. Well, check out these additional pictures of the room that the bust was contained in.

1 2

That’s right, he actively walked out of his way to have his picture taken in front of a bust of Ho Chi Minh. I think that the truly bizarre thing is that nobody seemed to tell him that this was a bad idea — and he certainly didn’t seem to know it.

I think it’s bad enough that we have a president who apologizes for America at every opportunity. That’s not only a sign of weakness, it’s sign that he neither loves America nor understands American greatness.

However, when our president decides to take a picture with a communist leader under the bust of another communist leader responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of American troops, that’s positively sinister.

Instead of apologizing for America, it’s time for Barack Obama to apologize to America for his shameful behavior on his trip to Vietnam. He owes it to us.


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