Obama To Sell Off ALL F16s

Ready for this? Obama’s Military Auction – all F16s to be sold to highest bidder.

Hey, ISIS, are you paying attention here? Iran, want to know what to do with those billions of dollars you are getting for developing a nuclear bomb?

Buy the top of the line F16 fighter plane, direct from the Obama Military Auction house.

Yes, believe it! President Obama has ordered all F-16 fighter jets sold at the highest bid regardless of who the buyer is, or their loyalty to the United States. Every last jet must go; each one a wonderful weapon of mass destruction in and of itself.

According to top secret government sources, Obama has decried the need for any more military presence around the world. He wants the military to be another global “meals on wheels” to go off and build ebola hospitals for countries that no longer need them.

Obama feels the US can stand on its own to defend itself against any threat externally or internally. Why use jets when the cause global warming? As one might imagine, high ranking military officials are in shock at this new direction but believe there is nothing they can do to stop Obama and his F -16 yard sale to the world. And Congress has no spine to stop it either.

Source: mrdemocratic.com

Remember, Obama has mandated the planes can even be sold to private citizens who have the sale price, which is in complete disregard of past policies involving the sale of military surplus items. John Travolta will probably have one in his driveway next week.

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