Obama Tried To Cover Up Hillary’s Scandals, But Didn’t Count On Judge Jeanine Pirro Knocking Him Out

Please give me a few seconds to accurately and calmly type out my feelings about what I’ve just seen. It’s actually hard to get the words on paper as this news is currently blowing my mind.

Here goes. OHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOD. How has this never been brought to light before!? Judge Jeanine just blew the lid off the ENTIRE Hillary email scandal and it’s nothing we’ve ever heard before. Judge Jeanine went on Fxx News’ show “Hannity,” not her own, to prove a point that has been hiding out of site and out of everyone’s mind until just this very second.

Recently, Obama said that he would block the release of crucial Clinton emails from her server. Judge Jeanine just explained why.

In case you missed that, here’s the most salient point:

“If you say Mr. President, that you’re not interfering with the investigation, what do you know? What you do know is that you got emails from her on a private server, you responded, as a result Mr. President, you will be a witness if there were to be a criminal case.”

This is the smoking gun we’ve all been missing. Obama is doing this on purpose to cover his own ass! I cannot believe we all missed it, but leave it to Judge Jeanine and her infinite wisdom to shine light one exactly what has been taking this so long. They BOTH need to be indicted by the Supreme Court!

Please share this with every, single, American. We must get this word out and take down the two biggest liars in the country’s history!

H/T: YesImRight.com

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