Obama Tries Trash Talking Donald Trump Without Teleprompter Becomes Stuttering Mess

Barack Obama: If we turn against each other based on division of race or religion. If-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if we fall for, you know, a bunch of okie-doke, just because, you know it-it-it. You know, it-it-it-it-it-it sounds funny or the tweets are provocative.

The absence of the infamous teleprompter spoke volumes

The lame duck president Obama went to Indiana today to hold a rally and trash-talk Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. He turned into a stuttering mess.

Hey, Obama, we don’t want to ‘build on the progress’ you started, we want to tear it down and rip it to shreds. I can imagine nothing better for America than to have every trace of you and your Marxist-Muslim-Socialist fantasy land utterly removed and destroyed.

Obamacare? Gone!

LGBT Pride Month? Finished!

Promoting Islam? Done!

Bowing to foreign leaders? Never again!

And guess what? “I will stand with the PATRIOTS should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”.

From the soon to be released “The Audacity Of Throwing Down Tyrants”.

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