Obama’s America Near Completion… New Muslim Migrant Count is JAW-DROPPING

Since he took office in 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration has issued green cards to nearly one million migrants from majority-Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt and Somalia.

Specifically, charts released Friday by the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest showed that his administration has issued 832,014 green cards, though if that number also included migrants who arrived in the U.S. with temporary non-immigrant visas, it would be higher, according to Breitbart.

Previous presidents also allowed for migration from Muslim-majority nations, but what makes immigration under Obama so frightening is how much it has increased.

Between 2013 and 2014, for instance, the number of green cards issued to migrants from Muslim-majority countries increased by 27 percent.

Migrants Chart

Moreover, these green cards empowered migrants with lifetime residency and access to federal benefits and work authorization. Most green card holders also eventually go on to become citizens.

Breitbart added that green card holders also include refugees, who receive immediate access to our already over-burdened welfare system.

In fact, previous reports have shown that of the migrants taken in during 2013, 91.4 percent went on to collect food stamps, while 73.1 receive Medicaid courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Feast your eyes on Obama’s America, ladies and gentlemen. This ostensible invasion is in reality a purposefully crafted plan to flood the nation with new Democrat voters. In short, it is a push for power being carried out by people like Obama who desire to enlarge the government to such a degree that it one day becomes the core of our society.

The fact that large swaths of these migrants might be terrorist sympathizers means nothing to Obama. He feels about them the same way he feels about the drug dealers and rapists who keep streaming across the southern border. They are all just a tiny price to pay for his end goal.

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