OBAMA’S LEGACY: On Pace To Import 1 Million From Muslim Nations Into U.S

Immigration to the United States from Muslim countries has surged by explosive numbers since Barack Obama took office in January 2009, according to a newly released chart by the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

Within the first six years of his presidency (2009 – 2014), Obama has issued 832,014 green cards to migrants from Muslim countries.  On average, 138,669 migrants from Muslim countries have been admitted into the U.S. annually, making it certain that Obama will have reached a total of at least 1.1 million new Muslim immigrants before he leaves office.  

NOT INCLUDED in these numbers are those who have come to the U.S. on work visas, nor does it include those who have come on temporary visas and then remained in the U.S. even after their visa expired.

Green card recipients are required to apply for permanent legal residency status within one year if they intend to remain in the U.S., and are able to apply for citizenship within five years.   A green card holder has access to federal benefits, welfare and work permits.  According to refugee data, over 90 percent of all refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps and about 70 percent are on cash welfare assistance.

Green Card Totals, FY09-FY14:

Pakistan (102K), Iraq (102K), Bangladesh (90K), Iran (85K), Egypt (56K), Somalia (37K), Uzbekistan (30K), Turkey (26K), Morocco (25K), Jordan (25K), Albania (24K), Afghanistan (21K), Lebanon (20K), Yemen (20K), Syria (18K), Indonesia (17K), Sudan (15K), Sierra Leone (12K), Guinea (9K), Senegal (8K), Saudi Arabia (9K), Algeria (8K), Kazakhstan (8K), Kuwait (6K), Gambia (6K), United Arab Emirates (5K), Azerbaijan (4K), Mali (4K), Burkina Faso (3K), Kyrgyzstan (3K), Kosovo (3K), Mauritania (3K), Tunisia (2K), Tajikistan (2K), Libya (2K), Turkmenistan (1K), Qatar (1K), Chad (1K)

[NOTE: These are the specific DHS green card totals during this time range for Muslim-majority countries which sent at least one-thousand or more migrants, and includes any refugees or asylees who adjusted to LPR status.]

(Via Senator Jeff Sessions)

Obama calls Islam one of the great religions of the world, and says he knows full well who the enemy is:


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