Obama’s Response To 2 Different Tragedies Shows What He’s Really About


Alicia Powe reports Barack Obama was supposed to be a biracial leader who could heal the nation’s racial wounds, bring the country together and usher in a racially harmonious era.

However, national tensions over race have gotten decidedly worse ever since he took office.

The number of Americans who worry about race relations has soared to 35% from a 13% just after Obama took office, according to a shocking recent Gallup poll. This is the highest racial strife there’s been in the poll’s 15-year history.

Justice Jeannine Pirro says this is no coincidence. Rather it’s a consequence President Obama rubbing racial sores raw.

From Fox News Insider:

On “Justice” last night, Judge Jeanine Pirro said the Dallas police ambush is a reflection of a growing racial divide in America, a divide that was created by President Obama.

“Dallas was about anarchy. It was about lawlessness. It was about the rhetoric that too easily inflames those who feel wronged, rhetoric that does nothing but repeatedly stoke the flames and scars of old wounds resolved long ago,” Judge Jeanine said.

She explained that whether it’s the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida or Michael Brown in Missouri, Obama stokes the flames of racial unrest every chance he gets.

Demographic and electoral realities force Democrats to continue to promote racial division.

Democrats have called every Presidential candidate for decades racist. They have to. Without 80 percent or more of the black vote, the Democratic Party is unsustainable. Therefore, they perpetuate racism and tell blacks that Republicans wish them ill in order to maintain power.

They don’t care about the damage they are doing to the country, or how they are ruining the lives and futures of the very people they claim they are helping in the process.

This election cycle is dominated by Democratic race-baiting as usual because for Democrats, escalating racial tension is about monopolizing the black vote.

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