OCTOBER SURPRISE! New Poll Contradicts Everything We’ve Been Told, Media PANICS

The mainstream media wants voters to believe the election is over and Donald Trump is about to be handed a massive and embarrassing defeat. Liberal pundits should not begin rejoicing just yet, because it appears patriotic Americans still have a very good chance of prevailing on November 8.

A just released Rasmussen Report national poll reveals Donald Trump has a two percent lead over Hillary Clinton.

According to the poll. 43 percent of likely voters want a President Trump and just 41 percent want to see a Clinton back inside the White House.

The Rasmussen Report White House Watch poll was taken after multiple women came forward claiming Trump had groped them. Last week Trump trailed Clinton by seven percentage points.

Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, has six percent of voter support. Jill Stein, from the Green Party, has two percent of the vote.

Five percent of Americans are still in the all-important undecided category. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be fighting for those supporters in the days which remain until America goes to vote.

A total of four percent of the likely voters polled are backing a candidate not among the four selections offered by survey takers. Rasmussen Report updates its White House Watch poll daily every Monday through Friday.

The Rasmussen Report survey is the first to give poll numbers since the New York Times ran its string of sexual harassment claims against Donald Trump. The Republican candidate is suing the paper for defamation of character because of the libelous and unproven claims.

According to the pollsters, 87 percent of American voters said they have firmly made up their minds about the election. Of those decided voters, 48 percent are committed to backing Donald Trump.

When the Rasmussen pollsters asked the respondents who are still undecided which candidate they were leaning towards, 37 percent said Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton could still sway 36 percent of that segment of the voting block.

A total of 17 percent of the undecided voters are leaning towards voting for Gary Johnson. Jill Stein could garner nine percent of the still uncommitted voters.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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