Oh my! Gallup Poll shows Cruz now has a negative net favorability rating among Republicans

Gallup just released their latest poll, and the winds are changing in a big way.

Sen. Ted Cruz now has a higher unfavorable than GOP frontrunner Donald Trump among Republican voters.

This is huge going into Indiana’s primary to be held on Tuesday. Cruz has been touting how unfavorable Trump was among Republican voters for weeks now and according to the chart below, he’s now the holder of that championship belt.

So many things can be wrapped up into Cruz’s high unfavorable rating including how he has yet to suspend his campaign even though he is mathematically eliminatedFrom region the 1237 threshold of the GOP nomination. Cruise also chose a vice president or nominee as he is close to 400 delegates behind in the GOP race, hey let me not forget he’s also down close to 3 million votes.

Here is the chart:


Maybe some of it can be due to the branding of “LyinTed” by Trump during the campaign or the stench of the establishment smell coming from the Cruz camp with the likes of the Bush brothers and Lindsay Graham.

Either way it’s not good.

What do you think about this?

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